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Digital Eye Strain in Pleasanton

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Are Your Eyes Exhausted?

Most of us have at least some screen time every day, but too much can tire out your eyes. If you experience discomfort or fatigue after watching TV or using a device, you might be one of the 65% of Americans suffering from symptoms of digital eye strain (DES).

DES can affect anybody, but symptoms tend to be more severe for those with uncorrected vision problems. At Foothill Optometric Group, we offer information and assistance for our patients with digital eye strain so they can enjoy their screen time again.

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

DES may cause the following symptoms during or after screen use:

  • Headaches
  • Neck or shoulder stiffness
  • Trouble focusing the eyes
  • Dry eyes

Factors Associated with Digital Eye Strain

Are You Blinking Enough?

When you work on a screen, you likely don’t blink as often as usual. Not blinking can lead to dry eyes, which are associated with eye fatigue. If your screen is too close to your face, the muscles that focus your eyes can also become sore from maintaining near focus for long periods.

Many screens emit a high-energy visible light called blue light, which is also found in natural sunlight. While there’s no proof blue light causes eye disease, it may impact your sleep by disrupting your circadian rhythms. Lack of sleep can lead to tired eyes in the mornings.

Reducing Digital Eye Strain

The following strategies may help prevent DES:

Your optometrist can provide you with additional advice and custom strategies for reducing DES. Please contact us today, and book an appointment to learn more.

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