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Dry Eye Treatment in Pleasanton

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Discover Dry Eye Relief

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from dry eyes, which can cause distraction and discomfort. Fortunately, an eye doctor can help alleviate those symptoms.

At Total Vision Pleasanton, formerly known as Foothill Optometric Group, we provide accurate diagnoses and effective therapies for patients with dry eyes. Contact us now and give your eyes relief.

Causes & Symptoms of Dry Eye

Many people experience occasional dryness in their eyes, but chronic dry eye disease is something different. This happens when your tears aren’t able to provide the right amount of moisture for your eyes due to inadequate tear quality or quantity.

Dry Eye Risk Factors

You have a greater risk of developing dry eyes if:

If you have dry eyes, you may experience:

  • A burning feeling in your eyes
  • A feeling that dirt, sand, or an object is stuck in your eyes
  • Excessive eye watering, redness, or itchiness
  • Eyes that feel tired, even after sleeping or resting

Popular Dry Eye Treatments

Total Vision Pleasanton, formerly Foothill Optometric Group, provides an  individualized approach to dry eye therapy. Based on your symptoms and cause of dry eyes, we might suggest any of the following treatments:

Get Ready for Moisture to Return

Our eye doctors are ready to help you put dry eyes firmly in the past. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and learn about your options.

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