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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation in Pleasanton

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See the Light with Laser Eye Surgery

If you’ve been looking for a way to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses, laser eye surgery might be the answer.

Laser eye surgery is a popular strategy for long-term vision correction that’s widely considered safe and effective. Let Total Vision Pleasanton, formerly Foothill Optometric Group, assess your candidacy for laser eye surgery today.

The Purpose of Laser Eye Surgery

When light entering your eyes doesn’t focus on the retina properly, your vision can blur in various ways. These are called refractive errors. But reshaping your cornea can change how light refracts in your eye and correct these problems

Laser eye surgery relies on a special laser to make these changes, operated by a qualified ophthalmologist.

Popular Laser Eye Surgery Procedures


The most common type of laser eye surgery, LASIK, involves using a laser to make a thin flap in your eye’s surface and reshape the collagen fibers underneath. At the end of the procedure, the flap is replaced so it can heal back in place.

Most people who get LASIK experience clear vision in under 24 hours, but full recovery often takes around 3 weeks. LASIK has extremely high patient satisfaction rates compared to most elective surgeries—over 95% in general and over 98% in myopia and myopic astigmatism cases.

If you have a thin cornea, PRK may be a better option than LASIK. PRK also alters the shape of the collagen fibers in your cornea, but the entire top layer of the cornea is removed, which grows back after the surgery.

PRK comes with even higher patient satisfaction rates than LASIK, but recovery times are longer. Most people who get PRK have to wait 1 to 3 weeks before they can go back to regular activities.

Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Before you can get laser eye surgery, you’ll need to consult your eye doctor to make sure it’s appropriate for your needs. During the consultation process, we collect data about several factors, including:

  • The depth of your cornea
  • The stability of your vision
  • The vision problem you want to correct
  • How severe your vision problem is
  • Any potential risk factors in your medical history (including family medical history)

If laser eye surgery looks suitable for you, we’ll make sure you understand the potential outcomes and leave the decision to proceed in your hands. If you want to schedule your surgery, the next step is to refer you to an ophthalmologist who will perform it. 

Your eye care team at Foothill Optometric Group will work closely with your surgeon to coordinate the procedure and monitor your recovery.

Focus on Your Future Again

Why wait to enjoy clearer vision without glasses or contact lenses? Find out if you could benefit from laser eye surgery when you contact us and book a consultation.

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